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The first ever made SKYTAGS - in the exclusive Prelaunch Edition - Bell 206 B JetRanger III

„The Bell 206 JetRanger. The final evolution of the Bell 47, the world‘s first commercially registered helicopter. She is regarded by many as the HUEY‘s little sister and an absolute icon.“


This Edition is made from the Main- and Tail Rotor Blades of Bell 206 B JetRanger III S/N 8403. On the front, we laser-etched the blueprint of the legendary JetRanger, while on the back you can still see and feel the intricate honeycomb structure the 206 blades are filled with, with the SKYTAGS® logo gently and precisely CNC milled on the bottom. Our Set of Main Rotor Blades came with a stunning purple colored epoxy, while tail rotor blades are a nice green tone on the inside. This is all the beauty of what's inside a Bell 206 blade with nothing ever added by us.

The soul of an aircraft is one of the very few things that multiply when split up, so the piece of rotor blade you are about to order has quite a story to tell. It was made by Bell Helicopter, and after it‘s joruney to Austria, provided lift for the Bell 206 B JetRanger III S/N 8403, built in 1974 under license by Agusta in Italy and registered as OE-XBS. #8403 first flew for the Austrian Police, before she transferred to civilian use.

This SKYTAG bears memories of alpine sunrise flights in Austria, challenging police missions, making people happy on helicopter tours and using all it‘s rotational energy to safely glide down #8403 in autorotations, when training new pilots. These Blades actually were decomissioned after a little boo-boo during a 206 pilot skill test, where nobody was hurt but these uniquely shiny new blades were judged ready to become your‘s to enjoy early.

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