Handmade by Aviators. With love in Munich, Germany.

Specializing in General Aviation &  Historic Aircraft

Honoring the aircraft's spirit & Upcycling it for our Planet

SKYTAGS® are upcycled from unique aircraft and their parts, honoring the memory of their glory days, for everybody to enjoy and share a small piece of living aviation spirit. Reflected in the design etched into nothing but the genuine true piece of aircraft, it's soul lives on in every single SKYTAG, preserving it's spirit in a joyful way.

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Inspired by Aviation

Aviation - bearing an air of ultimate freedom, of mastering the once thought impossible, defying physics even, it surrounds you with a unique feeling. Remember your first ever time driving up to an airport, gasping at that view over the gigantic apron? Seeing all those planes, and strange vehicles, before maybe you went and boarded your first flight, to experience the pinnacle of transportation for the very first time. Inside, maybe you felt a little bit adventurous, like the pilots of the early days. Inspired by the spirit of aviation, SKYTAGS® turn parts of very special retired aircraft into aviation history you can touch.

More than just a piece of metal

As one of the very few things that multiply when split apart, every SKYTAG bears the soul of the aircraft it is made of. Every SKYTAG travelled countless miles, spent thousands of hours soaring the skies, and bears witness to it's many adventures.

Handmade by Aviators. With love in Munich, Germany.

SKYTAGS® are made by Sky Magic®, a commercial helicopter operator run by a small team of people who fly special missions for the love of aviation. Every SKYTAG is handcrafted by people who dearly love to fly and who draw inspiration from the stories that the little pieces of aviation history we craft have to tell.

Specializing in General Aviation and Historic Aircraft

SKYTAGS® are crafted from functional parts and skins of carefully selected retired aircraft. At SKYTAGS, we are specializing in the extraordinary - turning iconic general aviation and vintage aircraft into unique pieces of aviation spirit. Many of our tags are made from functional aircraft parts, such as helicopter rotor blades, control surfaces or our TURBINETAGS (launching soon) made from turbine engine blades. Every SKYTAG of our launch edition of Bell 206 rotor blades has once itself created the very lift letting the aircraft take flight.

The only tags made from aircraft still in operation

Some SKYTAGS® are made from parts of aircraft that are still in operation. Truly unique, these tags not only carry the soul and history of an aircraft, but invite you to follow the adventures "your" aircraft still has to enjoy.

The Design

When we think about SKYTAGS design, before focusing on the individual aircraft, we think about the values that have defined aviaton since the early days. Such as precision, trust, reliability, bravery, navigation and a slight incline towards the adventurous.

Production Process

Your SKYTAGS® are cut from the raw skin or part straight from the aircraft and we never add anything to it. We just love the natural design that happens by selecting parts of aircraft with beautiful colors. We then use a laser to engrave our design onto your SKYTAG by removing, carbonizing and modifying it's materials. So what you hold in your hands is literally nothing but a piece of real aircraft.

Color Editions, always marked as such are the tiny exception - some parts have a wonderful story, but their look might benefit from a splash of color. Then, we allow our design a little vivid kiss from the rainbow =)


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Handmade by Aviators.

With love in Munich, Germany.

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