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SKYTAGS Logo Stylized.png
SKYTAGS Logo Stylized.png
SKYTAGS Logo Stylized.png
SKYTAGS Logo Stylized.png

Your SKYTAG is a unique ID

SKYTAGS® are all unique, and every SKYTAG contains a reference to our recovery service here at, turning it into a unique Tag you can use to ID your belongings like baggage, equipment, keys or really anything you'd want returned if lost.

We reward all Finders

At SKYTAGS® we love when people stick together and help each other out. Therefore, finders who successfully return your belongings receive a special "Finders Edition" SKYTAG from us for free, shipped anywhere in the world! (We kindly ask the happy owner of the returned belongings for a security fee of EUR 17,- which in turn SKYTAGS® donates in full to one of the charities we support.)

How does it work?

If you ever loose anything with a SKYTAG attached, you can easily report it through our lost report. Every SKYTAG contains a reference to our recovery service. If somebody finds your SKYTAG and seeks to return your lost items, they will find our form containing all the needed info with 1 click. The Edition's name and Serial Number found is all we need to uniquely ID your tag. We will match your reports right away using all the data provided and contact you to get your lost items back!

Global Recovery

We provide worldwide recovery of your SKYTAGS® and attached items. As a helicopter Operator we have extensive experience with shipping large and unusual goods around the world - if you wish, we collect your items from the finder and get them back to you - our experience (and contract shipping rates!) are at your service to recover your items safely and immediately.

Marked with Your Name

Most tags have space to write your contact details on their backs, on others that might not work as well due to their structure. Then again you can have your name and contact details custom engraved on most SKYTAGS®. Either way makes it even easier to find you! ( Finders who contact you directly can still get their Finders Edition SKYTAG, please just email us!).


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