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You found a SKYTAG and are about to return it to it's owner.

Someone is going to be so happy!

SKYTAGS ID Front.png

It's easy. The edition and serial number of the SKYTAG you found is a unique identifier we can use to find it's owner. Chances are, the owner has already reported it to us, and we will match your find right away.

SKYTAGS® Found Report

Your Info - we will never share this with anyone and only ever use it to contact you regarding the SKYTAG you found.

The SKYTAG you found



Thank you so much! We'll get right on it!

SKYTAGS ID Front.png

What happens next?

If the owner reported the SKYTAG as lost, we will get you their contact details, and we can also assist with picking up and returning the SKYTAG and its attached items worldwide.

If they didn't report it, maybe you have provided some useful info that helps us finding the owner anyway and once verified, we will provide you with their contact details.

We will never give your contact details away, but always provide you with the owners contact after they allowed us to do so.

Your Reward - The Finders Edition SKYTAG

Together, we could successfully return your found SKYTAG?


You are in for a big thanks from the owner - and a treat from us! You will receive a special Finders Edition SKYTAG for free, shipped anywhere in the world, for free.


(The happy owner will be kindly asked to pay a security fee of EUR 17,-  for this, of which in turn we will donate 100% to one of the charities we support.).

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