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SKYTAGS®  are responsibe, upcycled pieces of art.

The beauty of SKYTAGS® lies in the history of the very material they are made of. Instead of ending up polluting our planet, we turn it into something enjoyable for everybody.

SKYTAGS® are upcycled aircraft.

SKYTAGS® are upcycled from unique aircraft and their parts and they are made from nothing but the aircraft's parts themselves. They are pieces of art and turn what would otherwise be considered scrap into longlasting enjoyable items that won't end up in landfill or filling junkyards. Otherwise recycling these parts or skins is often just too expensive and difficult, which is why the just end up as scrap all the time.


No throw-away Packaging

SKYTAGS® don't come with any packaging to throw away. They are attached to a lasting laminated cardboard background containing their story. When shipped to you, they come in a nice bubble pouch that is both sturdy and beautiful so you'll want to reuse it for your own shipping.

Mindful production process

When producing SKYTAGS® , very few material is left over. For example, the root of a rotor blade will usually be turned into a sales display, the leading edges... well, we might soon surprise you. Any small remaining leftovers are collected and properly recycled, for example as valuable aluminum.

Upcycled lasting Machinery

To produce SKYTAGS® an array of pretty special machinery is needed. Many of our machines are decades old, and back then, were made to last forever with a little care. By using and adapting sturdy used machinery, we reduce the production (and re-production...) of newer, less longlasting machinery.

SKYTAGS® reward people for helping each other out

When attaching your SKYTAGS® to items, these items are marked with your ID. If somebody finds them, they can return them to you through our website. According to industry reports, Airlines alone still lost about 25 Million bags last year. Every SKYTAG attached to your items provides an ID that can lead to your lost items being returned to you safely, and we reward the finder for free!

​​Sky Magic®  Next Generation Aviation Fund

Since it's very beginning, aviation has been a key factor in improving quality of life all around our planet. Aviation not only saves lives every day, but is an essential part of life everywhere. Aviation demand is set to grow constantly and we urgently need young talent to join in all of the professions surrounding it. Beginning with our first series of SKYTAGS®, Sky Magic® is contributing a percentage of SKYTAGS® revenue and a whole lot of our time and effort to projects that enable the next generation to join aviation.

As an Air Operator and Flight School we both see the need and have some resources to support young talent in Aviation. Check back soon to find info on our first projects!

Paper-Free and Mindful with resources

Sky Magic®, the company producing SKYTAGS, is a paper-free business. As an Air Operator and Flight-School, that's quite a feat! We very much recognize the beauty of paper craftsmanship for beautiful books, cards, artwork and the like, but absolutely reject the need for paper in communication and wherever it will be thrown away short- or medium-term or just stored until it's ok to throw away by law.

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SKYTAGS Logo Stylized.png
SKYTAGS Logo Stylized.png
SKYTAGS Logo Stylized.png
SKYTAGS Logo Stylized.png
SKYTAGS Logo Stylized.png
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