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  • What are SKYTAGS® made of?
    Every SKYTAG is made of a genuine piece of an aircraft. The pieces are carefully selected and removed from the aircraft, their skin separated, prepared and cut into the unique SKYTAGS® shape. The raw tags are then carefully finished so they are joyful to touch. We laser engrave (and sometimes CNC-Mill) them with a pretty design, before they get a final cleaning so they are all nice and shiny for you. Finally. they are attached with their coated stainless steel wire onto a cardboard backing, containing their unique life story and a copy of their global recovery information.
  • Besides looking cool, what can SKYTAGS® be used for?"
    SKYTAGS® are a unique ID you can attach to bags, keys, or any valuable items really. They come with our global recovery service, allowing finders to return your items easily and quickly should they ever get lost.
  • Are SKYTAGS® Unique?
    SKYTAGS® is, as far as we know, the only place manufacturing collectible tags out of mainly General Aviation aircraft. SKYTAGS® also are the only aviation related baggage / ID tags with a global recovery service, that works out of the box, with no previous registration you could forget and no need to put your contact details on them if you don't want to. In addition, owning a small piece of aircraft that are still flying is something only currently available with SKYTAGS®. (Some of our series are from decomissioned parts of still in-service aircraft, which will be obvious in their description.) Sky Magic® started manufacturing give aways out of aircraft parts for our own marketing in 2012, and started developing merchandise for our tours customers in 2015. We've also been making useful accessories from pilots for pilots, most notably a little keyring gadget making fuelling easier, loved by 100s of pilots that we gifted them to. Soon after, our customers and friends, knowing our joy in developing and designing products out of aircraft, and knowing the cost associated with our other products, approached us if we couldn't just sell little pieces of our aircraft, more affordable to everybody, like "keyrings or something". This was also the time when other companies first started offering baggage tags made out of airliner skins. We had seen similar concepts with famous buildings that had their renovation partly funded by selling little pieces of the original structure made into fun and useful artifacts - and thought it would be even cooler if at least some of our products could come from decomissioned parts of aircraft that are still flying, sou you don't just own a piece of it's past, but you can follow the aircraft's future adventures as well! We took our time to design, prototype, evaluate, learn and repeat over and over, aiming to create something with unique value. The result is a keyring / baggage tag, made out of unique aircraft, with a Global Recovery Service that works right out of the box.
  • What Aircraft can we expect to join the SKYTAGS® fleet? (Will there ever be Airline SKYTAGS® ?)
    SKYTAGS® are about General / Private Aviation, as well as Military and just overall special aircraft. Anything from Helicopters and Small Planes to Private Jets and unique Aircraft designs get's us excited =) Think about the little planes and choppers so many of us started their flying career on, or the most beautiful jets and breathtaking aicraft designs we all are in awe with. So far, that selection is unique to SKYTAGS®. The Airlines - well, never say never, we'd guess, but if you're looking for airline tags, there is at least three awesome companies out there right now that have you covered with a beautiful growing collection.
  • Where can SKYTAGS® be shipped?
    We ship worldwide =)
  • Do you offer express shipping?
    For urgent orders of multiple SKYTAGS® we can offer you individual UPS and FedEx Express shipping. Please get in touch via phone or email.
  • How can I pay?
    We accept all major Credit Cards and PayPal, as well as some national payment methods depending on your country.
  • Can I select a serial number?
    It would be incredibly hard to offer serial number selection for every single SKYTAG. If you are seeking a specific number or something close, the best you could do is visit one of our resellers, or one of the Events we attend where you can purchase SKYTAGS® locally, and hand pick your favourite tags.
  • I / We would like to become a reseller!
    That is awesome! Please just give us a call or send us an email, and we will be glad to start our common success story!
  • Do SKYTAGS® produce individual series?
    Absolutely! Wether you're an air operator looking to upcycle your old aircraft parts or even aircraft, or you are simply looking for the perfect merchandise and giveaways, you have come to the right place. Please just get in touch!
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