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Oh No!

You lost a SKYTAG - please notify us here, so we can be right in touch when it gets found!

SKYTAGS ID Front.png

First, please find your SKYTAG's edition and serial number. In case you don't have this info with you (any pictures of it, maybe?), we have also doubled it on it's packaging for you.

This is all you need to fill out our Report, and once somebody finds your SKYTAG, we will match it and start your recovery right away.

SKYTAGS® Lost Report

Your Info - we will only ever share this with a possible finder once you expressly allow us to do so and only ever use it to contact you regarding the SKYTAG you lost.

The SKYTAG you lost



Thank you, fingers crossed for a safe and speedy return!

SKYTAGS ID Front.png

What happens next?

Once your SKYTAG is reported found, we will reliably and quickly be in touch with you and then connect you with the finder. We can also assist with returning the SKYTAG and its attached items worldwide.

We will only give your contact details to the finder once you have explicitly allowed us to do so.

We will not be in touch, as long as your SKYTAG has not been reported found to us, although we may contact you whenever we believe a match might exist, based on any information given.

Finders Reward - The Finders Edition SKYTAG

Together, we were able successfully return your found SKYTAG? Awesome!


SKYTAGS loves people helping each other out, so we like to incentivize finders to return your SKYTAG and attached property and reward them with a little gift . Finders receive a finders edition SKYTAG for their selfless help, shipped worldwide, for free.


We kindly ask you as the owner to pay a security fee of EUR 17,-  for this service once your property is successfully returned, which in turn we will donate in full to one of the charities we support.

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